Shaun and his crew are fantastic. We came in with a hard to find leak in the evaporative system. They worked and researched until the problem was solved. Other shops said yes you have a problem and would do the easy fixes, never finding the ultimate solution. I would recommend this shop for all your car maintenance needs.

5 Lee Myles Autocare Group 1/30/2020

Finally, a car mechanic you can trust to fix your vehicle in a timely manner, affordable and honest work! I have taken my car to several reputable auto shops and none of them can find the real issue to my car problem. I'm so happy I have found them! Thank you Dominic & team!

5 Lee Myles Autocare Group 1/25/2020

I came in thinking that I needed a transmission fluid change at 52,000 miles. But the manager Richie Russo double checked and found out it's not needed until 90,000 miles. A very honest company.

5 Lee Myles Autocare Group 12/19/2019

Great service and great price ...will come back again

5 Lee Myles Autocare Group 2/11/2019

This is a follow up to let others know that I did call Lee Myles transmission back to advise him that it was me who stupidly drained the transmission fluid thinking it was the engine oil. I was really aggravated that even his inspection Team could not determine why a Transmission with no fluid in it will of course not operate. Lee is a extremely nice guy. He did tell me that he saw some evidence of fluid on the dip stick. I also told him to check the transmission he pulled for fluid. He responded that he did pulled the pan and that there was some fluid spotted. He did not say it was full, 1/2 full or even partially full. What does "some fluid spotted" Mean? I would not even be writing this review if he would have accepted some responsibility for wrong doings. I was forthright in admitting how stupidly wrong I was, I expect no less from him. You be the judge!

5 Lee Myles Autocare Group 10/8/2018

This is my first review ever. I really performed a very stupid mistake. In my attempt to change my oil and filter on my 2000 Montero. I crawled under neath and drained the Transmission fluid thinking it was the Engine oil pan. I then put back in another 4 1/2 qts of engine oil in the engine. After checking the Engine oil dip stick, I realized it was overfilled. By how much, I didn't know at the time. I started the vehicle up to circulate the oil. It still showed overfilled. I put it into gear to test drive for leaks. It would go into gear and right back out. Thinking...oh great, the transmission is acting up. I shut the engine down and I called Lee Myles transmission after searching local internet. He couldn't help me over the phone but, for a $85 tow and a $98 insp.fee, he would advise me of the problem. Well, he called me back and said I needed a new transmission. I didn't even know at that moment that I was the one who drained the transmission. It was when I got it back that I had to correct a smoking engine from being overfilled with an additional 4-1/2 qts of oil. That's when I realized what a stupid mistake I had made earlier by draining the Transmission. YOU might think twice about taking your vehicle to Lee Myles Auto care and Transmission. That stupid mistake did not cost Lee Myles a total of $2200.00...So much for that $98.00 inspection fee!

5 Lee Myles Autocare Group 10/8/2018

I rescently went to lee Myles in boulder on 63rd and aropahoe and the work they did on my car was excellent , the diagnostic and customer service was unmatched in boulder county . I would recommend any one who needs work on their car to call them first!

5 Lee Myles Autocare Group 5/25/2018

Yes pick ou my car from lee myles in bayshore NY on union blvd Mr Mark did an excellent job on my car i was very please with his work

5 Lee Myles Autocare Group 9/14/2017

Yes pick up my car today Mr.Mark did an excellent job working on my car was very please with there services.

5 Lee Myles Autocare Group 9/14/2017

I am soooo Thankful of Brad and his crew. I hve had several things done there and he always takes care of me. I had an issue with my breaks recently. I had shoulder surgey and could not drive it down, should have called and asked him to come get it. I took it to a garagein Hamburg, PA, becasue my breaks were slipping, was told may need new ABS computer for an older vech., that said oh yea we know how to fix that, been doing it for years and can rebuild it if have too. They had it for a few days said it was fixed. Dove it a few days breaks did ok then they started to slip little bit again. I stopped by talked to Brad and he said bring it over, I did. Told me same thing I was thinking, seems like air in the lines. He broke the tabs off my break calipers becasue they were rusted, Said other place could NOT have bleed these lies. Said becasue we broke these need new calipers, I was like Yea, not too but why did the other place not do this. This is all about saftey. Went back to old place and said why did you not do this to fix my problem correctly? We I get yelled at if I break things. I was pissed and said break them, replace it whatever you have to do this is all about saftey. I have done a few in my time and can not right now with my shoulder. We'll your the first one to yell at me for not breaking and or replacing them. Maybe, I don't know but my gosh this is a saftey thing and you don't fix it right???? I got it back from Lee Myleys and my brother drove it for about a week, so I just really got to drive it. OMG the breaks are the way should be. I would recomend anyone going there, to the one off Lancaster Ave in (Kenhorst / Reading), They know their Stuff!!! Thank You again Brad :)

5 Lee Myles Autocare Group 9/12/2017
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