To All Our Valued Customers,
The Covid-19 challenges we now face are unprecedented and we all need to play our part in minimizing the risk and impact.
At Lee Myles AutoCare & Transmissions the health and safety of our Customers and Staff are our highest priority and stringent cleanliness protocols will be followed. These include frequent cleaning, sanitizing and the wearing of gloves. Hand sanitizers for customers and staff are also freely available.
Besides being here to help with keeping your car safe we also want to help you and our community in any way we can so please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

During these stressful times your safety and peace of mind are our priority.

Car Care Recommendations that will help

  • Protect your car’s value
  • Extend the life of your car
  • Reduce repair expenses
  • Improve fuel mileage
  • Make your car safer to drive


Follow your car’s recommended maintenance schedule found in the owner’s manual. These include oil and fluid changes, worn parts replacements plus brakes, hoses, lights, battery and wiper checks and periodic tune-ups.

Your nearest Lee Myles Auto Repair & Transmission Center will help you with your scheduled maintenance by reminding you when your next appointment is needed. (see below for links to your car’s scheduled maintenance)

2.WARNING LIGHTS ( see below for more details)

Take immediate action when a light comes on. Some actions you can take yourself e.g. top up a fluid ir add air to a tire but for most you should immediately make an appointment at your nearest Lee Myles Auto Repair & Transmission Center for further diagnostics and/or corrective action


Signs like dragging or squealing brakes, shuddering, pulling to one side, difficult steering, soft suspension, drifting, difficult starting, grinding ,difficult gear changing, or basically anything that was not happening before are all warnings that your car needs immediate attention from your nearest Lee Myles Auto Repair & Transmission Center.


One of the most critical, complicated and expensive parts of your car is the transmission and proper maintenance and care is critical. Ensure you have the transmission serviced and fluids checked / changed per your car’s maintenance guidelines or if you an engine light or drivability issue.


Keep them properly inflated, checking at least once a month. Also check wear at least every other month. Ensure they are rotated at the same time as your scheduled oil changes. Uneven wear is often due to incorrect inflation or wheel alignment – have this checked at your next appointment.


Check all fluid levels and colors at least once a month. These include oil, transmission, windshield wiper and coolant. Your nearest Lee Myles Auto Repair & Transmission Center will help educate you if needed.

Degraded or inadequate fluid levels may cause damage to many of engine parts. Fluids provide many critical functions including lubrication, conducting heat, hydraulics and preventing rust, corrosion and excessive wear.


It is critical these remain clean and undamaged and will be checked by Lee Myles Auto Repair & Transmission Center during scheduled maintenance appointments. But if between these the car has been driven on dirt roads or excessive stop-go conditions they may need more frequent checking.


Replace at least once a year or if you notice streaking, jumping, or tears in the blade. It is estimated that 20% of all accidents are caused by poor visibility. Ensure all windows of the car are clean and offer good visibility at all times.

Safety First


  1. Plan ahead
  2. Check road conditions before you leave
  3. Ensure all windows are clean
  4. Always have all passengers wear seat belts
  5. Carry an emergency kit
  6. Stay alert and focused on the road and other vehicles
  7. Avoid distractions, especially texting
  8. Use a hands free device
  9. Avoid and report aggressive drivers
  10. Keep a safe distance between drivers
  11. Never drink and drive


  • Oil | Lee MylesIndicates low oil pressure.
  • Brake | Lee MylesA problem with the brake system, low fluid or possibly the parking brake is on.
  • check-engine | Lee MylesIndicates that the engine computer has set a trouble code or codes and requires a computer diagnostic scan.
  • check-engine | Lee MylesThe coolant temp warning light indicates that the running temperature of the vehicle has exceeded normal limits or coolant level is low.
  • check-engine | Lee MylesIndicates low tire pressure.
  • check-engine | Lee MylesIndicates a problem with your battery.


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