A Message from Our President

All of us at Lee Myles are very proud of our company's tradition of more than 50 years of excellence in the transmission service industry. Lee Myles AutoCare and Transmissionhas been "The Most Trusted Name In Transmissions Since 1947"!

Our founder, Lee Myles, was a musician and formed his own "big band" sometime in the 1930's. He was also a skilled automobile technician and when he heard about the problems with the "new" automatic transmissions at that time, he opened a transmission repair center to service them and the rest was history. He was a musician, a technician and an entrepreneur... a true renaissance man and a pioneer in our industry.

Formerly a regional industry leader, Lee Myles is opening in key markets nationwide. We're interested in quality of growth, not just quantity. Our vision for the future is to take Lee Myles AutoCare and Transmission from great to greater.. to make sure that every current and future Lee Myles center nationwide is the best it can be on an ongoing basis.. to be the best in our industry.. not necessarily the biggest, but the best.

Our industry is always changing.. not just the technical side but on the marketing side as well.. and we want to lead our industry in making these changes as we move into the 21st century and beyond.

To do this, each and every Lee Myles location must be state-of-the-art in several key areas . . .

Is customer satisfaction - the earliest philosophy of Lee Myles was "treat the customers with courtesy and respect and give the customer value for their money". If you want to be successful in business for the long term, this is a must!

Every center must be state-of-the-art in leading edge technology

Every center must be state-of-the-art in both strategic business management.. and every center must be state-of-the-art in creative advertising message and placement.

"Our goal is to lead our industry with an all star team nationwide"

That includes every one of our current and future franchisees together with the luminaries of our industry. We know that we can work together for the good of all and we are genuinely committed to the success of each and every Lee Myles center.

At Lee Myles we're planning for change, not just reacting to it. We're committed to upgrading and renewing all areas of our business and we're developing new marketing, management & technical programs leading to greater growth and profitability for Lee Myles centers.

We're developing volume purchasing programs with major suppliers for better buying discounts chain wide. We're developing supplemental rebuilding resources, new customer satisfaction programs, and more hands-on technical and management training programs; and we're developing programs for the conversion of quality independents and small chains under the Lee Myles logo. In addition ATSG continues to be a technical resource for Lee Myles centers nationally, supplemented by several in-house technical advisors

Industry luminary Terry Greenhut is now our Director of Training, and noted industry consultant and strategist Thom Tschetter continues to work with us strengthening our infrastructure to support our future growth. We are very pleased to have these industry all-stars on our team.

Our program for introducing new franchisees to our formatted business system is designed to capitalize on sales, marketing and entrepreneurial strengths. Todays new franchisees come from diverse backgrounds. from attorneys to retail store owners to engineers and more. Our Area Developer program puts our support team in your area and in your centers to assist in your transition from novice to expert.

To sum up, we are growing.we are reviewing and renewing all of our options, our infrastructure and our policies and procedures for a stronger, more professional Lee Myles as we move into our next 55 years

To prepare Lee Myles for the future, we also encourage moral and economic renewal. Stronger character and integrity among our ranks and within our industry. We believe that Lee Myles is not just a company, it is a social responsibility. We know where we're going..and we know how we're going to get there! To all of our franchisees, management and staff who have built a tradition of excellence and trust at Lee Myles, we are most grateful. We look forward to their continued support and welcome our potential new all-star team members as well. Together we will raise the standard for the future of our industry.