Just had my transmission fluid and filter changed in my Buick Lucerne. On my way home I noticed grease allover my door panel, dash and steering wheel. I stopped at the local fast food eatery and got some soap and water to clean up the mess. At least I hope I got all of it. When I got home I noticed more grease on the outside of my car. I called Lee Myles (reading pa. area) and was told that I could come back and get a free car wash! I was also told they would send the technician to my house to clean my car. I don't think so. ONE AND DONE. VERY DISSATIFIED WITH MY EXPERIENCE.

5 Lee Myles Autocare Group 9/8/2016

What I love about Lee Myles Transmission - Hollis: • Staff is professional and knowledgeable. • Excellent customer Service: Made feel comfortable and at ease during a very stressful time. • Honesty, trustworthy, guaranteed transmission work for 3 years. Other repairs for one year • Caring - Owner proved that he “cared” more about making me a customer for “life” than making a quick buck. I have a Honda Odyssey Touring and I brought it to Lee Myles for a transmission issue. They repaired the transmission, however my car has been in and out of the shop for a year due to a “check engine” light being on. I took my car to the Honda Dealer and at least seven other mechanics they were not able to figure out what the issue was with my car. Due to the check engine light being on, my car could not pass NY state inspection and therefore was non-registerable by NYS. Steve and his team worked on my car for one week and they were able to figure out the problem. In addition, Steve did not charge me for labor to fix my car for the check engine light. He went above and beyond what the Honda Dealer didn’t do and got a diagram of my engine and pin pointed the part that was causing the issue. He did an amazing job trouble shooting, diagnosing, and rectifying the issue with my car. My husband and I were speechless when we saw that we suffered for almost a year due to a very small “spring” being missing from one of the car’s engine. We automatically realized what a mistake we made letting inexperienced mechanics touch our car! I have lived in the Hollis/Queens Village area for 30+ years and I am sorry that I did not come across Steve and his team sooner. I have already recommended friends and family to Lee Myles of Hollis. I do not plan on taking my car anywhere else! I cannot say “thank you” enough. It’s been two weeks and I have not had any problems with my car. I will be forever grateful to Steve and this team! THANK YOU LEE MYLES OF HOLLIS!!

5 Lee Myles Autocare Group 5/26/2016

in this age its hard to find a honest repair shop with good mechanics and honest peole who dont try to rip you off and treat you like family this is the one

4.5 Lee Myles Autocare Group 2/16/2016

Today my boyfriend and I were on our way to a doctors appointment for our girls. All of a sudden my car started to feel like it was about to stall out and the check engine light came on. Luckily it happened right near this shop. We pulled in and were immediately taken care of. We got a call shortly after letting us know what the problem was, the cost, and how long it would take. An hour and a half later we got the call saying our car was ready. Between the speedy service, Terry's delightful demeanor and the more than reasonable cost I'm more than satisfied. I highly recommend taking your car here if you're looking for good quality and customer service.

5 Lee Myles Autocare Group 12/15/2015

Excellent, honest service.

5 Lee Myles Autocare Group 12/2/2015

the best advice a friend can give me. the dealer said i needed a new transmission. the manager diagnosis was a bad sensor on the outside of the transmission.PROBLEM SOLVED !!!! $150.00 .the vehicle was a 2006 dodge caravan.thanks to there honesty and know how, i saved a lot of money and my car was fixed..the manager was polite and caring of my problem..i told him my wife takes the kids in the car for school . he assured me don't worry ..thank you lee myles ..

5 Lee Myles Autocare Group 10/10/2015

I was told that my son's Hyundai SantaFe had serious transmission problems by another trans shop and a $3,500 rebuilt trans was in order. I decided to get a second opinion and took the car to Lee Myles in Hicksville. The owner Ron could not have been nicer. He explained everything he would do as far as testing the trans. And after road testing, physical inspection, computer anylizing and a host of other testing he told me your trans is fine and you can bring it in whenever you get a chance for an inexpensive fluid change,other than that your good to go. I thank GOD and the owner RON for his uncomprimising honesty. He spent an hour on my car testing it and after giving me the great news he charged me nothing.I am just a retired guy living off a pension, but I was so taken by this mans honesty that I handed hin a substantial tip and he flatly refused to take it.He quietly shook my hand and wished me and my wife all the best.GOD Bless people like Ron. I've been around a long time and believe me they just don't make people as honest as this guy Ron anymore. Very Respectfully,Tom

5 Lee Myles Autocare Group 10/5/2015

Fast, efficient service. Staff friendly and accommodating.

5 Lee Myles Autocare Group 10/2/2015

The Staff at Lee Myles were helpful from the beginning. From the office staff to the guys working in the garage, they answered all of our questions and kept us informed from beginning to end! When the transmission went out of our car they were quick to rescue us. We have had our car back for a couple of months and taken several road trips and the transmission is performing perfectly! Thank you Lee Myles for your honest and great workmanship!

5 Lee Myles Autocare Group 9/27/2015

I can say all I had was honest service and fair pricing. It is tough to find a repair shop that you can trust. I have had problems at other places, but never here.

5 Lee Myles Autocare Group 9/12/2015